Your satisfaction and happiness are most important. I understand the challenges involved to sell a house and I will help you handle it expertly. Here are five main steps that I will guide you through, and in many cases I will take of for you:

Step 1) Answer the 3 "W"s, Why? When? Where? Although there are seasonality and market conditions that will play a role in the value of your home, it is most important to set a clear goal, and understand why you want to sell, when you need to sell, and where will be your next purchase. When all this is clear, then it is time to move forward.

Step 2) Understand your home's market value and potential market value. The recent sale of your neighbour's house down the block may be impressive, or maybe less than you expected. I will prepare a report to show you details that support home values in your neighbourhood, and help you understand what your home's current market value is, and what you can do to gain the highest value with the lowest investment.

Step 3) Less is more. We all have stuff, and some of it has to go for the best results. I will help you open up the space in your home and stage it for best presentation. Show it at its best!

Step 4) Marketing. Professional Photos, Video, Virtual Tour, On-Line Presence, advertising, pre-list inspection.... I will do everything, at my cost to showcase and advertise your home to the world. Working with a full service realtor, with one of the GTA's best brokerages, with the biggest brand in the business, affords you an unparalleled service with a global reach.

Step 5) Negotiations. Does an offer date make sense for your listing? How agressive can you afford to be on  price? What are the buyers thinking? How much is enough? How much is too little? I will negotiate the highest sale price for your property and the best terms that suit your needs.

As I stated in the beginning, your satisfaction and your happiness are most important, and so my service does not end at the sale date. I will be with your through the close, through your move, and my intention to is to be with you on your next purchase and your next sale, and into the future.

Your Realtor,

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